Become a "Friend of the Mill"

James Henningsen

By generously providing a small donation (as little as $25.00), you will become a "Friend of the Mill" and will be helping us preserve this fabulous example of Sonoma County history. You will also receive our News Letter to keep you up to date with up coming events and recent upgrades to the mill.

All contributions go to the preservation and restoration of the mill and its surrounding out buildings and land. Contributions are also tax deductible and appreciated very much!

With your donations you can become:

  • A Patron: $1000 or more
  • Donor: $100.00 to $999.00
  • Friend of the Mill: $25.00 to $99.00

Simply remit a donation via the PayPal Donation button below (A PayPal account is not required):

If you prefer, you may also Contact Sturgeon's Mill to remit your donation.

Sturgeonís Mill Restoration Project is a non profit organization.

The project is run by:
Harvey Henningsen - President
Bob Sturgeon - Vice President
Essie Doty - Secretary / Treasurer
and board members
Tom Schaeffer
Jay Meyer
Mark Sell
Bonnie Sallee
Wes Brubacher

Thank You To Our Significant Benefactors

Ken & Sherrilyn Fisher, G.K. Hart Trust, All Coast Forest Products, Kent Bond Family, Warren & Phyllis Welsh, The Skilos family of Andyís Produce, Karl C. Hallstrom of Zip-O-Logs, Steve & Terry Beck, Schmidbauer Lumber Co., The Bond Family Trust, Miller Consolidated L.L.C., Burgess Lumber Co., The Black Bart Hoo-Hoo Club, H & M Building Products, Sebastopol Hardware, Jay Meyer, John York, Paul Maselli of Maselli & Sons, Austin Creek Ready Mix, The Parmeter family, Wendel Trappe of Canyon Rock, John Allan, Craig Hoefer, Rocky & Anne Harris, Essie Doty, Tom Schaeffer, Harvey Henningsen and Bob Sturgeon, Wayne Floyd, Jeff Kahn Lee, Lisa Pierce, Mark Sell, Susan Schaeffer, Wes Brubacher & Bobbi Chamberlain.

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Please Donate

For as little as $25.00 you will be a "Friend of the Mill". You also will receive the printed version of our Newsletter to keep you up to date with up coming events and recent upgrades to the mill.

Thank you!
For successful season.

A hearty thank you to all who visited the Mill during one of our steam-ups this past year!! We, the members of the "crew", look forward to these ‚Äúproductive‚ÄĚ weekends when we see you, who enjoy steam-powered machinery in operation, come and enjoy the fruits of our labor of the year. We each have our reasons for enjoying this Restoration Project and they all come together when we get together on these great weekends.

The only thing we ask of you is to support this Restoration Project when and however you can and to pass on to your friends the information about this Mill and your enjoyment in observing its operation.

We are located at:

Sturgeon's Mill
2150 Green Hill Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Please view map for directions to Sturgeon's Mill.

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