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Our working museum is a venue for early California history.


Sturgeon’s Mill is a West Sonoma County 106 year old working museum. It is a steam powered sawmill that serves as an anchor to our past and a bridge to the future for elementary and life-long students studying California history. Sonoma County was once called “The Redwood Empire” and there were 20 sawmills in western Sonoma County.

Our 70 volunteer crew members are committed to giving "up close and personal" free tours to students helping them to look back in time to an era of cooperative hard work.


One of the primary missions of this working museum’s board of directors has been the Student Education Program which has expanded over the past six years from 30 students to over a thousand per year in 2015 with as many as 300 students arriving at the same time.


Our museum board has set aside three days for “students-only” demonstration runs. We hosted 200 students on our first demonstration run of 2016.


We allow a maximum of 300 students at each demonstration run. If you have a child or grandchild that would benefit from this type of school field trip please contact our student tours coordinators, Harvey Henningsen at or Tom Ford at


For 2020 our Student's Day is October 8th. (April 22th and April 23th have been canceled)

responses from teachers & students


Bob, Harvey and all of the many volunteers that work at Sturgeon’s Mill, I want to thank you for the best field trip I could possibly bring my students to.

They got a real feel for what life was like working at a sawmill in the late 19th – early 20th century. Our appreciation for all the effort you all have put in to bring the mill to life for our student’s hands on education of California history.

Thank you for our tour at your working museum,

Sasha Prosser’s 4th grade class, Sun Ridge School



Dear Sturgeon’s mill,

Thank you for the great time at Sturgeon’s mill. I saw and learned a lot of new things. I learned some new things about the kind of horses you use for logging. I learned that there are different kinds of horses for different things. I also learned that the entire mill is powered by steam. I learned that you can tell how old a tree is by counting the tree rings each ring is one year old.

However the most interesting thing I learned was that the steam whistle will tell how fast you go or to go slower.

My favorite part of the day was going into the office because there are a lot of cool stuff there like the typewriters. I like typewriters because my Grandma has a lot of typewriters and I like to write with them.


Asyo Zulpenura

4th grade Forestville Elementary



Dear Sturgeons mill,

Thank you to taking our class through the entire Sturgeons mill, and making sure we know all about it. I learned some new things about logging, black smithing, and engines that make the mill run. For example, in order to work the logging job you have to hook a chain around the log the log and roll it into place. I also learned that in order to blacksmith you have to melt the iron stick in the fire, take it out, and with the hammer shape it in what ever shape you want.

However, the most interesting thing i learned was that a few huge belts and a steam engine can run the entire mill by the engines metal arm turning really fast. My favorite part of the day was learning about how the big saws works and getting one of the toothes of the saw.


Brohnson Groves

4th grade Forestville Elementary




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