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Blasting dirt & rocks off the logs with high pressure water stream.

Come share the history of the working mill. Come see the archeological treasure and the link to California's pioneer spirit and American Ingenuity. The mill still houses an irreplaceable wealth of relics of its own magnificent history such as the old hand tools, the steam-powered engine dating from the late 19th century, the blacksmith shop, logging trucks, the mill office and an extensive photographic record.

Through the determined efforts of a host of volunteers, this old treasure is slowly being restored to its former vitality. The Sturgeon and Henningsen families, the descendants of the mill's original owner-operators, are working closely with Sonoma County historians, preservationists, and other concerned citizens to honor the fondest wishes of their fathers-- to turn this historic steam mill and its surrounding property into a functional living history center for our school children, community, and for scholars and researchers seeking a link to the past.

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A hearty thank you to all who visited the Mill during one of our steam-ups this past year!! We, the members of the "crew", look forward to these “productive” weekends when we see you, who enjoy steam-powered machinery in operation, come and enjoy the fruits of our labor of the year. We each have our reasons for enjoying this Restoration Project and they all come together when we get together on these great weekends.

The only thing we ask of you is to support this Restoration Project when and however you can and to pass on to your friends the information about this Mill and your enjoyment in observing its operation.

We are located at:

Sturgeon's Mill
2150 Green Hill Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Please view map for directions to Sturgeon's Mill.

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