DAWN REDWOODS at Sturgeon's Mill

from Wade Sturgeon's notes...

NOT a Dawn Redwood - photos coming soon!

Besides our native Sequois sempervirens there is a small Sequoia gigantea, a bald cypress, a Cunninghamia, and two meta Sequoia, all relatives and latter supposed to the parent of them all.

In 1944, a forester named T. Wang, employed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chinese Government, came upon a large tree near the village of Motqo-chi in the province of Sze-chuan in central China. Since he had never seen one like it, he took back to Nanking with him specimens of its needles and cones. Here, Dr. W.C. Cheng, professor fo forestry at the National Central University, realized at once that these specimens represented a tree never before seen in the forests of China. Consultation with Dr. H.H.Hu, director of the Fan Memorial Institute of Peking, resulted in the amazing discovery that the foliage and cones of the tree were identical to the fossil come to life in the unexplored interior of Asia, a tree thought to have become extinct twenty million years before. Never has there been a more dramatic discovery than the finding of this tree, now called DAWN REDWOOD, by forester Wang, in a remote valley in central China.

Dr. Ralph W. Chaney of the University of California, learning of this find, formed a party and journeyed under great difficulties to the spot, returning with seeds from which the trees are being grown. Being a life member of the the Save the Redwood League, Dr. Chaney has presented us in January 1950, with 3 of the little trees, about 5 inches high. One was given to Ives Park in Sebastopol. The remaining 2 are now over thirteen and fifteen feet in height. The trees are deciduous. Cuttings are taken from them, rooted and distributed among interested persons.

Woodland Gardens Restoration Project

For decades, Wade Sturgeon's "Woodland Gardens" had slowly been overtaken by weeds, vines and various forces of nature. Many winter seasons littered the Woodland Gardens area with leaves and fallen limbs, rendering the once gorgeous, private oasis almost invisible. Fortunately, a small group of volunteers have endeavored to restore the Woodland Gardens to it's former state of splendor and beauty, which had been so diligently nurtured to life by Wade Sturgeon cira 1940-1950's.

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