About Sturgeon's Mill

Milling a Redwood log into a wide plank.

Sturgeonís Mill Restoration Project is a non profit organization. The project is run by Harvey Henningsen President, Bob Sturgeon Vice President, Essie Doty Secretary / Treasurer, and board members Tom Schaeffer, Jay Meyer, Mark Sell, Bonnie Sallee and Wes Brubacher.

Considered one of the last great mills of its kind, this mill has survived since 1914. It was originally built in the 1880s on the Korbel property near the Russian River. It was passed to Mr. Michael Sugarman, of the hardware store on 4th Street in Santa Rosa, and later to Mr. Meeker, for whom Camp Meeker is named.

It was purchased from Meeker by Wade Sturgeon in 1913 and was dismantled and moved to Sturgeonís Coleman Valley site where Sturgeon began his lumber business in 1914. The mill was moved again to its current site in Occidental in 1924 where it has since remained. In 1943 Wadeís son Ralph Sturgeon and his friend James Henningsen bought and ran the mill. Now, in an effort to preserve this wonderful piece of history, this restoration project has been born.

Our Mission Statement:

The Sturgeon's Mill Restoration Project is dedicated to restoring the historic steam powered lumber mill to its original condition of running on live steam, reuniting the original properties of Wade Sturgeon and restoring his "Woodland Gardens." We run the mill periodically for the general public on scheduled weekends and are available for students and special interest group tours at mutually agreeable times as a Working Museum.

The Sawmill, its artifacts, rolling stock, the mill office & its collection of paperwork of local ranchers and customers from 1914-1960's offers a rare personal look at local history of those years. The mill serves a an anchor to our past; a rare glimpse for the industrial revolution.

Our Volunteers

Bob & LaVonne Sturgeon, Essie Doty, Harvey & Bev Henningsen, Wes Brubacher, Bobbi Chamberlain, Tom & Judy Schaeffer, Jay Meyer, Ron Sturgeon, Dan Sturgeon, Guy Raggio, Andrew Raggio, James Raggio, Matt Bardella, Biff Varner, Jess Todd, Lawrence Todd, Barry & Sylvia Fisher, Joanie Lane, Susan Schaeffer, Jason & Emily Elder, Robert Brent, Buzz Gould, Ken Cummings, Ilya Patrick, Skip Buttke, John York, John Allan, Chris Hildreth, Jim Flint, Kevin Granger, Don Wagner, Michael Fassio, Mark Allen, Jack Gardner, Dwight Onterverios, Steve Beck, Bob Maddocks, Bob Skover, Jim Lerum, Steve Parmeter, Bill Stillman, Mark Sell, Bill McMillon, Georgia Martin, Kathy Laugero, Karen Jones, Scott Fisher, Lisa Pierce, Scott Fisher, Pat London, Dino Basaldella.

Folk's watch during one of the public demonstrations.

A load of milled Redwood leaves for the lumber yard.

This crew not only worked on demonstration run days but also came together on the first Saturday of each month for a Mill Work Day to help retrofit and improve the safety of the mill without sacrificing the authenticity of the working museum. We thank them and acknowledge their unselfish efforts.

A special thanks to our many supporters:

Thank you to our Secretary/Treasurer Essie Doty who keeps us on track, keeps the records and corresponds with our donors.

Thanks to our docents, Dwight Ontiveros, Dan Sturgeon, Barry Fisher, Bob Sturgeon, John Allan and Harvey Henningsen.

Thanks to our friendly greeters, Judy Schaeffer, Essie Doty, Beverly Henningsen, Emily Elder, Lavonne Sturgeon and Joanie Lane.

Thank you to our neighbors who hear strange noises coming from the mill and support our restoration goals.

Thank you to Lavonne & Bob Sturgeon for watching over the mill and thanks to Bob who works on the mill every day.

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Please Donate

For as little as $25.00 you will be a "Friend of the Mill". You also will receive the printed version of our Newsletter to keep you up to date with up coming events and recent upgrades to the mill.

Thank you!
For successful season.

A hearty thank you to all who visited the Mill during one of our steam-ups this past year!! We, the members of the "crew", look forward to these ‚Äúproductive‚ÄĚ weekends when we see you, who enjoy steam-powered machinery in operation, come and enjoy the fruits of our labor of the year. We each have our reasons for enjoying this Restoration Project and they all come together when we get together on these great weekends.

The only thing we ask of you is to support this Restoration Project when and however you can and to pass on to your friends the information about this Mill and your enjoyment in observing its operation.

We are located at:

Sturgeon's Mill
2150 Green Hill Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Please view map for directions to Sturgeon's Mill.

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